Can I bring my own weapons?

Absolutely not, students will be checked for weapons before all training events to ensure student safety.

What do I wear to class?

Unless specifically told to wear something, wear something comfortable like gym clothes. There is potential your clothes will get damaged. 

Do I need protective gear?

Tier Combatives will provide gear as needed based upon the course/scenario you are attending. Any additional gear a student wants to wear (groin protector, mouth guard, ear guard, head gear) is up to the student. 

What is the refund policy?

Students have up until 48 hours prior to class starting to cancel, students will receive a refund or reschedule. A cancellation less than 48 hours will not receive a refund, students can still reschedule or chose to be credited for a future class.

Will I get hurt?

During any sort of hands on combative training, risk of injury always exists. Tier Combatives strives to ensure student safety at all times. Bumps, bruises and other minor injuries are likely to occur. With strict oversight during training, the likelihood of a serious physical injury is low. 

Can I record my training?

Absolutely no recording of any class will be conducted. Any student caught taking photos or videos of the facility or training will immediately be discharged from class and no refund or credit will be issued. Tier Combatives will photograph and video specific parts of training, with student consent, and content will be shared with students.

Can my spouse/friend/child/etc. watch?

Only students attending class are permitted inside of facility and no spectators are permitted. Tier Combatives encourages would be spectators to sign up and participate. 

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